Makers’ HSIS Recovers Payload with Bill Brown

Makers Ethan, Satyam, and Rohan were able to go on a test flight with Bill Brown, and test out their payload for the HSIS Competition.
It turned out that the payloads had dropped into a woman’s backyard off of Donna Avenue right next to her cathouse. She has a large outbuilding and fence covering about a good portion of her yard as a cat sanctuary for two wild cats that she didn’t want roaming the neighborhood after she moved to the city from the country. Her cat “Tom” seemed particularly interested in the buzzing ozonesonde sitting right next to his fenced in sanctuary… of the landing site (myself and the Makers 256 team holding the payloads). The Makers 256 club is participating in a competition called Hacker Spaces in Space to take photos in Near Space as economically as possible.

You meet some interesting people when you drop things on them from 20 miles up.
~Bill Brown

Left to Right:  Bill Brown, Ethan Chew, Rohan Rana, Satyam Nayak

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