Retro Gaming & Computing Night 2010

Retro Gaming & Computing Night 2010

It’s that time again folks! The second annual Retro Gaming and Computing Night. Come on out to Makers Local 256 at 203 Brown St on July 3rd for a night of nostalgia, good food, and good people.

We’re celebrating the classics that made us the geeks and nerds we are today. Remember, 16 bit or older computers and games. That’s nothing newer than SNES, Genesis, Neo Geo, or IBM 386sx. You’re welcome to bring your own system and/or games. Emulation is permitted but only if necessary. We’ll have plenty of TVs and a couple of projectors going, grilling out at 7pm, and a keg on hand. BYOB is welcome.

Mario Kart tournament at 9pm, with a bit of a twist. Hope to see you there!

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