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Hard Drive Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Box of dead hard drives

Tonight during our open house we decided to do a Valentine’s Day themed project.  One of our members, John Kelly (CandleKnight), brought a box of dead hard drives, non-working PC power supplies and a table full of tools.  He showed a few of us and a non-member visitor how to make a flower from the parts found inside these things most everyone has in their homes.

Since John was taking the time to show us how to make the flowers and we had to share some of the tools it took us right around an hour and a half to make one.  Some of us even took a little extra time to bend the stem into something resembling leaves.  Let us know in the comments what you think!

Inside a hard drive

Inside a power supply

Parts and pieces ready

Complete flower with a leaf

Click here for more photos:


  1. Some better photos of the flowers, taken in daylight.

  2. Some better photos of the flowers, taken in daylight.

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