Featured Maker – Kinsey Moore!

Kinsey has been shop secretary for several years – so many of you may know him from his emails! In addition, you may have seen him woodworking or observed one of his many custom home improvement projects taking shape. Click through to learn more about Kinsey!

Maker Cred: As a founding member, I helped bring the shop to you! 10+ years if you count pre-incorporation time.

Area of Expertise: I do a bit of everything. Electronics, woodworking, software, dabbling with the CNC, automotive maintenance, and terrible terrible welding that should never be spoken of.

Current Project: I’m currently working on expanding the Hue emulator for ESP8266 chips (https://github.com/opticron/ESP8266HueEmulator/) to include mesh networking so that all emulated bridges present all others to work around quirks in the official and 3rd party Hue mobile apps. Other recent projects include finishing out countertop to improve my kitchen, a Toothless headboard, and large amounts of work on my screened in porch. I enjoy (re)learning various skills as a part of each project. The most difficult part for the woodworking was remembering how to properly lay polyurethane since I don’t do it very often. The vast majority of projects I take on tend to be of large utility in my daily life. I see I need something custom and I make it.

Fun Fact: I’m the youngest old man you’ll ever meet.

Favorite Shop Event: I really enjoy meeting new people on Tuesday public nights and showing them around the shop.

Talk to Him About: I love talking about latest tech/science news such as battery tech, genetics, materials, propulsion, and others.

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  1. Kinsey gets many of his fine qualities from his mother. Concerning his “Fun fact” his Great Uncles were amazed at his ability to carry on an adult conversation at the age of 2.

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