We’d like to thank all our guests who came out to our Hackerspace Meetup last weekend.  Everyone had a great food (special thanks to MudFlap) and a great time.  Crashcart is going to post videos of the talks onto youtube this weekend, and we’ll post them all here on the home page as soon as they’re up.  We listened to everyone’s comments about the meetup itself, and we’re looking forward to making an even bigger event next year.  Hope to see you then!

Tomorrow, August 8th, we’re having two big events at Makers Local. The first is a class on the basics of screen printing.  I’ll be teaching the whole process from start to finish, drawing to image transfer to exposure to printing.  All the equipment is at the shop and the only thing you need to bring is a single color image.  The class starts at 12 and before 3 o’clock we should start printing, so bring as much paper (and of course blank shirts!) as you want to print on.  The class is free and open to anybody who wants to participate, there ought to be plenty of screens to go around.
Class is followed by:

Geekeats Flier