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Turn an old nearly useless laptop, into a nice wall wart. will display pictures using optional configurable transition effects. pictures may be loaded over a network interface, or through cd. if usb is supported by the laptop, then let's use that too...


The laptop has been acquired, ripped apart, booted, put back together, slackware installed, some of the required software installed. is now sitting on the floor under my desk..


start with an old laptop. rip it open, take it apart, make sure it boots and runs with next to nothing connected. (basically, the ram, the screen, any network cards required)

install the OS of choice, I think I used slackware to test it with, but will probably end up going with something smaller, and just adding the modules I need.

To Do

now the real core of this project. the web interface for loading pictures, formatting screen transition effects, recognizing that pictures have been loaded, resizing them. all that cool stuff.

this is what this project is really about, developing a nifty web PHP type package that is easily configurable, and ridiculously easy to use. so easy in fact, that my mother could use it...


old laptop

network card

usb card - if desired

cd-rom drive - if desired

picture frame to mount laptop in

--Chazz 00:37, 28 February 2007 (CST)