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Proposal Name

Proposal to open and operate a committee dedicated to running the facilities in Makers Local 256.

  • Call To Vote Date: NOT YET CALLED TO VOTE
  • Voting Period Shall end in 72 hours from Call to Vote date.
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There is a need for some leadership and dedication towards running & maintaining the facilities in the Makers Local 256 shop.


This proposal puts forth the formation of a committee that will do the following:

1. Waste Disposal, Recycling & Scrapping

  • Sets up bins/designated areas for each and regularly empties or breaks down & stores them (in the case of scrap) at least once a week. It is also recommended that items in the area be tagged as 'Scrap', 'Recycling' or 'Trash'.

2. Building Maintenance & Cleaning

  • Repairs lights, plumbing. Is responsible for getting it done or calling the right services to get a repair done (e.g. landlord, repair service, etc.).
  • Runs cleanings once a month and notifies shop members so they have ample time to prepare their projects and tables for a cleaning. Preparation could be just either labeling project items, marking out what space not to enter, covering items with a sheet or completely storing the project away.
    • These cleanings cover the basics & public spaces, sweeping up floors, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, fridge, etc.. Cleaning up the tables & other project spaces will be left to the projects occupying those spaces to avoid things from accidentally being thrown away or broken during a cleaning.
  • Organizes clean up for & after parties and other shop events. Also organizes food and refreshments.

3. Manage Shop Equipment Building & Use Requests

  • Assists or organizes the building/purchase of equipment for the shop.
  • Manages requests from members on desired shop space use and purchases/builds and places equipment accordingly.

4. Keeps Shop Inventory & State List

  • Runs a wikipage that lists the following:
    • Tagged Material - Shop material that is reserved for use by a project. Suggested format would be 'Material, Quantity/Dimensions, Project, Tagger's Name & Contact, Date Tagged. It is recommended that the tagger put a physical tag on the item in the shop. Shop tools will not be tagged here as they are public use items. Any personal tools are the responsibility of their respective owners. It is recommended that they be personalized. Also, I suggest that the projects contribute to the list to notify everyone what they are reserving.
    • Free Use Material - Inventory of our current stocks of material that is up for grabs in the shop. Suggested format would be 'Material & Quantity/Dimensions (where possible)'. It is recommended that as you use material, please update the quantities on the list accordingly. As we buy/salvage material, please update this list as well.
    • Free Use Equipment - Just a list of shop tools. We ought to label them in the shop with 'ML256'.
    • Incoming Material & Gear - List of items that have been pledged and need pickup. List as 'Item/Material, Quantity/Size, State of Repair/Salvage, Name of Pledger & Contact, Need for Pickup & Pickup Location'.
    • Equipment & Other Repairs - Self-explanatory, list as 'What Is Broken, Repair State, Date Of Breakdown, Person Repairing, Contact, Expected Date of Repair Completion'.
    • Desired Material & Gear - Self-explanatory, list as 'Gear/Material, Use, Project/Person Requesting & others who want it, Date of Request, Where It Can Be Had, Cost'. This forms a voting metric on what is most urgently needed in the shop. It is also recommended that monetary donations be given to a pot that can fund this and/or members can count what they buy for this as a shop donation.
    • Lost & Found - List as 'Gear/Material Found, When & Where, Where it is now stored, and if possible, a description/photo'.
    • Facilities Use List - For projects that intend to occupy a space for more than one month and/or have something that takes up more than just a table. List as 'what is going to be placed on floor/table, where it will be placed, project, project owner & contact, date of placement and how long it will be there'.

5. Makes Sure Shop Material & Gear Is Stored Properly

  • Sets up areas and storage systems to store material and gear (e.g. bins, shelves, racks, chests, etc.). Also keeps shop notified of where things go via wiki, labels, e-mail, etc..

6. Makes Sure Shop Is Stocked

  • Makes sure shop has basics (TP, emergency & first aid gear, etc.) and if necessary, building material per the 'Desired Material & Gear' list.

7. Ensures Proper Safety For Shop

  • Assist in ensuring shop has proper safety equipment, dangerous materials are stored properly, and the right safety measures are used and training provided for people working on projects that use dangerous equipment or materials.

Facilities Committee Page

As this is a fairly large role, volunteers who can contribute to the committee's tasks would be appreciated.

Current Volunteers