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This was originally an idea for creating a series of Music playlists, or CD's that could be used to influence the mood of the listener. The goal was to start the list with one mood, and gradually migrate to music that would reflect another mood. In this manner, the listeners mood may also change, and they may be brought from one mood to another, in any order, or any number of moods.

It has since been realized that creating Playlists that would work for more than a select handful of people would be impossible for one person to acheive. song selections that influence one mood for one person, may have no effect or an undesired affect on a different listener.

for this reason this project is now an attempt to come up with variables that may be used to I dentify the types of music that influence the mood of the listener, and the kind of mood that is created by that music.

Further algorithms would need to be developed that would anaylze the songs to determine patterns that may be used in song selection based on the listener variables.

In this manner PDoL could potentially be used to the desired effect for any listener, once the initial setup process had been completed. a few default selections could be created as a base to speed this process, and make it more mainstream.