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A user friendly application that will download media utilizing RSS feeds. HID will not be a physical keyboard, but a TV style remote control. Something like this is easily implemented for the moderate to advanced computer user. Looking to create a install-and-forget system that is easy for parents and the non-savvy to use.


  1. This is not an original idea, Torrentocracy did this for MythTV, but the last version of MythTV it worked for was 0.19, and has been abandoned ever since.
  2. No need to re-invent the wheel, this application would work best as a Plugin for an already existing popular Media Viewed such as MythTV.
  3. Possibly use Deluge as a backend for the Torrent. Will need to research the command line capabilities of this program.
  4. Maybe rTorrent is a better way to go, this command line torrenting program already has RSS feature plugins like pyTVshows

Workflow Examples

User Requests New Show

  1. User picks up remote, navigates to a list of Television Shows.
  2. User Selects a show and a Season, Season/Episode, or some range therein.
  3. Computer plugs variables into website such as to generate an RSS feed.
  4. Computer monitors RSS feed and uses some kind of "unique episode" filtering as existing in uTorrent to determine which files to download
  5. Computer downloads show
  6. When download is complete, program moves file to a directory accessible by MythTV