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The meeting with the insurance agent today didn’t go as well as planned. He doesn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm for the new shop as all of us do.

We have TWO WEEKS to bring the shop “up to par” before the insurance adjuster arrives for the official inspection. If we fail in this we could lose our insurance!

The good news is the items that we have to fix aren’t that hard or time consuming. Also they should be relatively cheap to do.

As always if you have time or items that you can donate to bringing the shop to insurable condition they will be greatly appreciated.

Here is a list of the thing that needs to be accomplished:

       1.	Electrical needs to be refurbished
               a.	Someone needs to count the outlets so we can get an accurate count of what needs to be replaced.
               b.	Make special note of any that have damage at the electrical connection. Those that are cracked or are not 
                       in good condition need to be replaced.
               c.	The wiring that is NOT run through conduit need to be removed NO EXCEPTIONS.
               d.	Dead Light bulbs need to be replaced and the fixtures cleaned.

       2.	Windows need to available for emergency exit.
               a.	The current setup needs to be removed and replaced with a setup to make it easy for us to exit.
                      (What is the current setup?  What will new setup need to be to make it easy for us to exit?)
                       6401.jpg   6402.jpg
                       on the outside you bed the all thread so it cant be unscrewed from the outside for security

       3.	Railing on all second floor access.
               a.	Railing needs to be installed above the entrance and above the storage area.
                         (Did he say how high the railing needed to be?) 36"
               b.	Someone needs to measure the footage so we can come up with a cost estimate.

       4.	Roll-up door needs to be in working order.
               a.	Someone talk to the landlord, it was mentioned that he was attempting to get this repaired. We need a 
                       status. If he can’t do it in time we need to repair it ourselves.

       5.	Exterior is a “Hazard”
               a.	The agent wants to see the grass cut and all the debris removed. Not to mention a good pressure washing of 
                       the exterior of the building would go a long way.
               b.	The front left corner between the front door and the roll-up is damaged the agent made the comment that all 
                       the major holes like that where insulation is exposed needs to be repaired.

       6.	Drop ceiling
               a.	We need to replace the missing tiles in the drop ceiling for aesthetics the agent said that it would go a 
                       long way with the adjuster.  
       7.	Interior walls
               a.	The walls need to be scrubbed and/or bleached all the discoloration distracts a lot and would help the 
                       adjuster to want to insure us.