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On this list exist items that are essential to the operation of the Make Shop.

The List

Item Owner Status ETA
Get REAL lawyer to write release form Bob Nov1 got a name from chris to talk to Oct Meeting
Make the donation box Nathan Done needs to be painted Oct Meeting
Flyer - Open House- Nov 15(tent) David, etc. TBD Oct. Meeting
Be able to mount "Google Pin" sign for next open house on pole Bob, Jeff, etc. TBD Oct Meeting
Determine Rules need for functioning as an organization (See: Rules Development) Bob, Matt, Ray Will Meet Oct 2
Public "General" mailing list Matt Doneish Sept 30
Secure shop checklist Matt and Strages TBD Oct Meeting
Revisit pledging members contributions and Board members' lessening contributions Everyone TBD Jan Meeting
Flyers for Nov Open House by this weekend strages Nov 1 Oct Meeting
Flyers for Nov Open House- printing brimstone Nov 6 Oct Meeting
Schedule a time for a power tools class omegix Nov 30 Oct Meeting