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Party Companion Cube

  • Goal: Party in a box. Wow factor.
  • Status: Planning


  • Goal: Dot matrix auto grafitti gun
  • Status: Idea stage

Uber-Coffee Maker

  • Goal: Both übercoffee and übermaker-of-coffee
  • Status: Idea stage

Portable Semi-Cover for Motorcycles

  • Goal: An idea for Small, unobtrusive motorcycle half-cover covering the seat and handlebars only that can retract into a small container.
  • Status: Late assembly stage

Thermoforming Machine

  • Goal: Bootstrap project to create a thermoforming machine for the shop
  • Status: Gathering materials


  • Goal: Roving Wifi-enabled lightweight computer connected to an onboard digital camera, possibly with a GPS.....on a motorcycle.
  • Status: Scouting Materials