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19:27, 3 October 2012 (CDT)
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19:27, 03 October 2012 (CDT)

What is Batik

Batik is a fabric dyeing technique. Wax is applied to sections of material which are to remain uncolored. The dyes do not penetrate wax. Once dyed, the wax can be removed by various methods such as boiling.

My Batik Method

Instead of using wax as my medium of choice, I use Elmer's washable school glue.

Elmer's School Glue

I use Elmer's because once the clothing item is dyed and dried the school glue will wash out.

My Process

When I want to create a new batik item, I find an article of clothing that I want to use. I also figure out what it is that I want to be whited out.

I print out what I want to white out, typically a word or phrase, and I place that sheet of under on my article of clothing. I then trace or fill in that word with the glue. I set the article of clothing aside until it dries.

Once the glue dries, the start the dyeing process. I use a spray paint dye from Hobby Lobby because it is easy to apply.

Elmer's School Glue

I then wait for the article to dry. Once it is dry, I wash it and now I have an article of clothing that has been tie dyed using the Batik process!

My Batik Items