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* Omegix
* Omegix
* Dmitry
* Dmitry
*--[[User:Candleknight|Candleknight]] ([[User talk:Candleknight|talk]])      Contingent on time/date
= Resources =
= Resources =

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This page contains example text of good things to know for an event

Basic Event Information

  • Name: DIY Rocket Engine
  • Organizer\POC
    • Logistics: Omegix
    • Teacher: Dmitry
  • Date: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Location: Make Shop
  • Cost to Attend: TBD (depends on cost of parts)


  • TBD


Learn to make your own Class 2 rocket engine. This is not for small hobbyist rockets, but for large rockets. Please note that when we fire these, they will be on a test stand, as we don't have the permits to launch them ourselves. (Or maybe we can sweet talk Dmitry into launching our motors at a launch event)


  • Omegix
  • Dmitry



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  • General E-Mail List
    • Initial Advertisement and call for volunteers
    • Planning update 2 weeks out from event
  • Livejournal Huntsville Community
  • Facebook Event
  • Makers Local Web Page
  • WLRH \ NPR Service Announcement - (256) 895-9574- ask for Robert or Beth and tell them you want to do a PSA.
  • Fliers
    • UAH
    • Bandito

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