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| [[Art Curtain]] || Open
| [[Art Curtain]] || Open
| [[CNC Router]] || open

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This page is designed to list projects suitably large enough for a group effort and that others might find entertaining to work on.

The Our Activities section provides insight into how Makers Local 256 spends its time.


Project Name Due
RC Lawn Mower open
Photobooth Mark II October
Photobooth Alternate Designs open
Multitouch screen October
Scavenger Hunts open
WiFi Tag open
Wifi Foxhunt open
Mystery Based Scavenger Hunt open
Road Race open
High Voltage open
ML256 Video Blog open
Homebrew Soda October 2009
HSIS open
Art Curtain Open
CNC Router open

Proposed Project Ideas

  • Autonomous robot
    • bump Nykodemus 10:05, 24 September 2009 (CDT)
  • Remotely controlled video conferencing robot
  • Custom D&D table
  • Wearable video streamer
  • rep rap or maker bot or nasa bot
  • wearable computer
  • road trip adventure
  • hack commercial GPS to make them useful
  • building a fusor
  • Home brewing (soda/root beer/other)
  • BEAMbots
  • IRC bots
  • Add your idea here!