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  • we are Makers Local 256, you may know us from winning everything last year
  • what is a hacker space
    • a way to pool resources
    • a way to pool tools
    • everyone is an expert in one thing, but not in everything
    • a way to pool skills
  • why should you care/ why do you need one
    • do it your self mentality
    • get together with liked mined people
    • learn new skills
    • way to implement good ideas
    • provides a nurturing environment for ideas
      • its like if meetings at work were productive.
    • consumer is becoming the producer
  • other hacker spaces
    • hackerspaces.org
    • show the map
    • despite or because of the failing economy there are lots of hacker spaces.
  • how to start your own
    • non profit vs. private club
    • start out with projects, or start with a space
  • possible pit falls
    • financial, fund the space.
    • good Treasurer
    • know your paperwork if you go 501c3 way
    • going to need a access to a lawyer
    • insurance
    • expect to move
    • organize the best you can
    • you can't have too much storage
    • getting rid of crap
    • shop access
    • promotion, take advantage of your local NPR
  • The Big Picture
    • practical examples of change
  • Specific Trends
    • affordable computing
    • widely available persuasion tools
    • internet
    • 3D printers
    • do it your self genetic engineering
  • ask if there are other spaces in the audience