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I want a photo gallery. I would prefer No Flash, and No Java.

I want these features:

  • Labels - required
- Work like albums.
- A picture can thus be in multiple "albums" - this can handle Sets into Collections too.
- Some will be automatically generated based on when picture was taken, but thus can be "hidden".
- hidden labels exist, but may not show up anywhere until they get used somehow. I dunno, this
  needs more thought.
- Automatically generate Year, Month, 'Year and Month' at least. 
- Labels will be searchable! and combinable... '2011 AND Christmas'
- If we have descriptions, then these can have one.
- Tag / Label cloud
  • Tags - tending required
- work similarly to how they do in lots of places... you tag people/pets/things
- Would really like face recognition, and then a place to review "pending tags" that haven't been
  assigned yet.
- Would really like people/pet/things recognition in tags, so if I tag you a few times, it learns
  who you are and automatically tags you next time.
- When adding, store a list of previously used Tags to select from so you don't always have to
  write it up fresh
  • Search - required
- I want lots of it.
- Yes, I want still more of it.
- I want to search comments, descriptions, tags, labels. 
- Search needs to also work like a filter.
  • Users - tending required
- Some stuff needs to have restricted access.
- Some stuff can be open to Anonymous...
- Lock out pictures/tags/descriptions/labels via user permissions
  • Ratings - tending optional
- Ratings might be cool. Some way of people indicating that they "like" a picture at least.
- If we have them, then we have to be able to view the highly ranked/liked ones.
- Do we want "dislike" or negative rankings?
  • Descriptions - tending optional
- While not required on all pictures, if we're gonna have them, they have to be simple to add and
- Must be able to edit descriptions on all pictures uploaded/labelled at once. One save action for
- Need some way of storing Descriptions for Labels.
- While we're at it, we might can store Descriptions for Tags too... at least for Pet/Thing tags...
- Dang it, now we need to lock descriptions down to user-level permissions too...
  • Mass Upload - required
- Ability to upload .zip, .tar.gz, etc...
- Allow Users to do this?
  • LAN Upload / Monitoring - tending required
- Can scan/host from local folder over LAN (mounted filesystems, even if non-local?)
- Can poll the folder for updates periodically
  • Single Upload - tending required
- Allow Users to upload photos
- Allow modifying thumbnail, description, labels, tags, etc.
  • Comments - tending optional
- Allow users to post comments
- Allow anonymous to post comments?
- Have some captcha system when anonymous?
  • Thumbnails - required
- Automatically generate on mass/single upload
- Allow editing via selecting sub-region (single upload and go-back-edits)
- How / where are they stored?
  • More stuff as I think of it or get frustrated by how something works...