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Show & Tell is an night to have members of the shop stand up and talk about what they are doing. The audience is encouraged to ask questions and learn about what's going on in the shop.

  • Wed. Nights, bi-weekly
  • Show & Tell's will start at 8pm
  • All projects are welcome, regardless of status


  • October 26 2011, 8pm: Show & Tell


Get your projects ready. We are doing another one! I'm never going to give it up, never going to let it go.



  • Showed of the new 96x96 Pixel display we have. Justin and he had it displaying text within days of us having it.


  • Showed off the plastic pieces to fix the candy machine that were 3D printed. Phil created the stl and printed them. Candy_Machine_3d_Modeled_Part



  • Showed off some mesh networking stuff he has been working on.

EnabrinTain & JimShoe

  • Cleaned up the lounge



  • Phil added a heated bed to the makerbot. This greatly reduces the chance and the amount of curling in the first few layers of plastic, as it cools.


  • Tim recently finished designing a new circuit board that will become a two-factor authentication token. He’s using gEDA-PCB to create the board, with comes form schematics made by Matt. Tim also managed to spend some time showing off his new (and jailbroken) Kindle 3.


  • Nathan explained his quest for finding the best remote backup solution. First duplicity, then rdiff-backup with sshfs -> encfs, then rdiff-backup with sshfs->eCryptfs. And restore rdiff-backup using archfs. The end goal is an off-site backup that is encrypted, but still manageable on a per-file level.


  • Wayne just finished up his Subject Delta costume. For those unfamiliar with “Subject Delta” It is a video game character from the game Bioshock 2. For those unfamiliar with Wayne, or 2storyprops, they achieve an insane amount of detail on all their props and costumes. Seriously, check out their blog.



  • Showed off the latest version of his drink backpack, and even demoed it


  • Showed off his latest beambot, working off a solar panel.


  • Displayed the Viking mask he made for last Halloween. Talked about the changes he is going to make for the next one.


  • Talked about his current project, which is a portable gaming rig. It has 2 LCDs and an open air case.



  • Showed off libnotify-over-ssh. A way to push libnotify messages back to your local machine over ssh using reverse port forwarding. link


  • Cooked chicken in his water bath thingy. It was amazing!! Also pay what you want.