TEDx 2012

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  • September 07, 2012
  • 6:30pm
  • Shop
  • All volunteers

Makers Local Volunteers

  1. Ramgarden (Electric Vehicles)
  2. John Kelly (Lasercut Cookies)
  3. Jeff Cotten
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Need to ask Justin about Wheatstand boards and/or Tim about Meatstand boards
    • Blorgons & Pictures so people know it's bad-on-purpose prop making
  4. EnabrinTain
    • Laser Cutter (Jeff to supply a transport vehicle, may not be big enough for the cart though)

Notes from first meeting (Aug 16th, 2012)

Everett is our TEDx POC: everett@tedxhuntsville.com

Lab Ideas

The ones they liked

  • LEGO pit by Tennessee Valley Lego (Jeff has contacted, waiting on reply)
  • Electric Vehicle parkinglot demo by Tennessee Valley Electric Vehicle group (coordinated by Ramgarden)
  • Party Squid (TBD, heavily dependant on availability of Ratmandu)
  • Photobooth (TBD, need to talk to photobooth peeps)
  • Lasercut cookies (Some of this we can do in shop, portability of cutter to event is TBD, need to talk to Enabrintain)

Proposed, but not as interested

  • Hands on servo control
  • Battlebot (they'd like us to save this for the TEDx youth robotics event in Novemeber)
  • Geek Auction


Spelling is not gauranteed

  • Daniel Crowsby
  • Paul DeJoe (CEO of startup)
  • Tassea (CEO that started a cheese making goat farm. samples will be at event)
  • One of the founders from Straight to Ale Brewing
  • Rob Adams of Mind Gear Labs, who will be starting a for-profit Fab Lab in Madison
  • John Gazier
  • Jeff -Someone- (Speaker on creating figurative walled gardens for creativity)
  • Lisa Williams (Entrepreneur, started company Soldier One)
  • Jason Casanbry (Stable Nuclear Reactors in Space)
  • Samier (Creating a glucose powered battery. also the guy that can remote control beetles)
  • Ashley Caps (co-founder of Bonnaroo)

Other Interesting Tidbits

  • You can rent those digital billboards for $150 a week if you're a non-profit
  • Cost of event is free for volunteers, $40 for regular attendees, and $20 for UAH Students (code is "STUDENT")
  • Their next meeting is Thursday