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Project Name Description Status
HSIS To send a weather balloon, with payload, into near-space to capture pictures of the Earth's horizon, to return the payload safely to the ground, and to retrieve the payload. Successfully Finished.
Bad Man Faraday Costume: Superhero who charges electronics. Research
GYRO (Gyro, Your RObot) Information handyman, accessible over multiple platforms. In Progress.
Toy Car Robot Modify a toy car to create an autonomous driving unit. Queued
Table Lamp Fashion a table lamp out of scrap material; make it look presentable. Queued
Cylon toaster Rewire the heating element on a regular toaster to burn a cylon face on the bread. Queued
Wowbagger A sculpture that employs trick of perspective. Queued
Buttons A device that displays a random pic taken at the same time that you clicked a button. [1] Queued.

Pages of Interest

Canon Hacks Wowbag