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Current Projects

  • Toy car Robot.
Have the internal circuit figured out. Need to learn how to solder and de-solder to continue. Learning in progress.
  • HackerSpaces in Space: Group project
Tinkering with CHDK and Lua to control the Canon camera. Researching hackability of other brands.
  • GYRO (Gyro Your RObot): Personal information handyman.
Multiple interface system that manages chunks information - Restaurants, reminders, contacts, account numbers, etc.
Using hosting space as file storage or for attachments.
Uses Imified for access via texts.

In the pipeline

  • Table lamp: Want to fashion a table lamp out of scrap material; make it look presentable.
  • Cylon toaster: Rewire the coil on a regular toaster to burn a cylon face on the bread. (Or anything else, for that matter).