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Contact Info

Real Name: John Kelly
Cell: 423 736 1263
IRC: Candleknight


Jack of all trades,
Master of none,
But oftentimes better,
Than a master of one.

My experience


  • Give this link to Scott Savage:
  • tiny dice
  • wooden nickles
  • Laser Cutter Videos
    • class
    • TinyDice creation
    • Giraffe
    • Acrylic Gears
  • light/uv curing + laser cutter => circuit board?
  • potato chip bag + laser cutter => circuit board?
  • conductive resin + relief printmaking/'woodcutting' + laser cutter = circuit board?

My Projects

Project Name Description Status
DIY Freeze Dryer Building a machine to freeze dry food and specimens at home. Research, Design, and materials acquisition
DIY Vacuum Chamber Building a home made vacuum chamber DIY Vacuum Chamber
Laser Giraffes Making giraffes with the laser cutter! Laser Giraffes
Symbolic Keyboard Keyboard with built in support for typing symbols Symbolic Keyboard
TinyDice Creating miniature gaming dice of various geometries (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20) 5mm Cardstock D12 is done
Wooden Nickles Making "wooden nickle" tokens for the makershop to hand out to visitors Initial design phase
40 Watt Laser Cutter How to use this tool, and properties of different materials Building the How To Guide, Experimenting with Various Materials
Treasurejunk It's treasure. It's junk. It's treasurejunk! Page creation

Related Projects

Project Name Description Status
Laser cutter Creation of laser etch project Research
CAD Notes Collate and collect info on CAD opportunities. Collecting Notes


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