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Supplier E-Liquid Name Flavor Description PG/VG mix Personal Rating Resistance/Voltage Notes
Mrs. T's Bakery Bananas Foster (No Cream) Really good flavor, cinnamon after taste Very viscous, likely pure VG 5/5 LR, 4V I think for a liquid this viscous you need a modified cart with an extra intake hole on the atomizer. TinkerBuddha showed me how to do this using a saddlevalve. Could be that I'm just enjoying it a lot, but it seems like the liquid has been going away faster than the others I've tried. Maybe it's the new higher voltage on the battery I've been using?
Mrs. T's Bakery Orange Dreamsickle Very heavy on the synthetic orange, like inhaling an orange icypop Mix Unknown, sloshed like water, so probably pure PG 2/5 Resistance Unknown, 3.8V makes me choke The orange flavor was synthetic orange, like grape flavor usually doesn't take like grapes.
Mrs. T's Bakery Vanilla Custard Decent Flavor, but not strong Seems to be mostly a PG mix, still lots of vapor 3/5 LR, 3.8V At first I didn't care for it, but I found it to be decent after a while.