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==Contacted: Pending==
==Contacted: Pending==
#Place on Brown St., right next to the parkway: [http://picasaweb.google.com/themostbob/BrownStBuilding# Pics] [http://strages.net/gallery/brown_st_candidate more Pics] [http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&hs=AJk&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=Clinton+Ave,+Huntsville,+Al&fb=1&split=1&gl=us&ei=9XvBSfLvGaCImQel7Z2eDw&sa=X&oi=local_group&resnum=1&ct=image Google Map]
#Place on Brown St., right next to the parkway: [http://picasaweb.google.com/themostbob/BrownStBuilding# Pics] [http://strages.net/gallery/brown_st_candidate more Pics] [http://ln-s.net/33MR Google Map]
## ~2400 sq ft, office, shop, storage
## ~2400 sq ft, office, shop, storage
##$1000 requested, very negotiable (his words) especially if we help improve it
##$1000 requested, very negotiable (his words) especially if we help improve it

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We have a place! Makers Local 256 opened its first not-in-someone's-apartment place in April of 2008. An archive of the places we looked at and the things we brainstormed can be found at We need a place 2008. ) Our place is currently 1000sqft, and while it's worked so far, it's evident that a larger place would be ideal.

We need a place where we can go and work on these projects in an environment that stimulates creativity and motivation. The shop will provide a work area, resources, and knowledge to help people with their projects.

Scouting Options

Our current landlord has said that if we find a place that is for sale, she will consider purchasing it and leasing it to us.

Need to Call

  1. This guy said his wife might have something: 256-489-4441 (Jeff to call)
  2. Looks like a nice shop. - Found on 1/1/09 - Map - 256-534-0037 (Jeff called)
  3. Place is for sale, 3 Lots 20,250 sq/ft Could call about. - Found on 1/1/09 Map - 256-509-6715
  4. Right on the side of Oakwood, wouldn't hurt to call 10,000 sq/ft - Found on 1/1/09 - Map - 256-759-2448
  5. Building looks like its being remodeled but again won't hurt to call. - Found on 1/1/09 - Map - 256-534-1694
  6. Old run down house - 109 Parkway Dr. - Found on 1/1/09 - Map - 256-650-0628
  7. Craigslist find - Map - 256-509-1910 or 256-776-3472

Waiting to Hear Back From

  1. David Hendriz with Weichert realty 656-1143
    1. Have talked to David and he is looking around for us now.
  2. Big warehouse type place, says it has space available. - Found on 1/1/09 - Map - 256-533-0990 (Jeff called)
    1. Guy said that most of the first floor space had been converted into 500 sqft office space
    2. He said that there was some unfinished space throughout the building, but that it had roof problems and was not air conditioned
      1. he mentioned that most warehouse space is expensive if it's air conditioned
    3. Guy said he might have some other stuff come up in the future and would call us if he found anything
    4. He also said that he'd call back with the rate for the unairconditioned space just in case we were interested
      1. the unairconditioned space was 7,500 sqft that the owner might be willing to chop up for us
      2. Would likely not be available until 6 months (around 7-12-09)
        1. I think Laura would likely give us a month to month extension for any place that was within a few months of our end of lease date

Already Contacted: Didn't work out

  1. Miller Properties (772-9851) Only leases space in Madison, had 5000sqft for $2k/mo
  2. Called Clisson Realty and left a message about the old Terry's Pizza location on Governor's Drive. (256) 536-2227 Omegix 15:02, 31 January 2009 (CST)
    1. Closest Clisson had was 2,800 sqft for $1300/mo

Contacted: Pending

  1. Place on Brown St., right next to the parkway: Pics more Pics Google Map
    1. ~2400 sq ft, office, shop, storage
    2. $1000 requested, very negotiable (his words) especially if we help improve it
    3. Roll-up door
  2. Place on Jordan with Possible Collaborators Pics map
    1. Met with a few people 3/13 to discuss options
    2. Jordan Lane. Big Warehouse with ~10,000 sf of space. $2500/mo. is asking price.
    3. Blake and Jim were talking about signing a 5 year lease.
    4. What they want to use the building for:
      • going towards a community center
      • getting a few non profits together
      • turning the space into some kind of co-op where one pays a membership fee and/or donates time to the space to further it.
    5. Ideas for others moving in were
      • "Life Cycles" - an org that builds and repairs disgarded bikes and gives them to the underpriveleged.
      • Dance Studio - probably a few yers off
    6. Concerns:
      • Noise of power tools disturbing others
      • We are looking for space, not really to be part of another overall organization. This might take up time, which we are short on the way it is now.
    7. There is a tentative day organized to see the place on March 22 morning. Blake's gonna call the owner and talk about a few different options for getting the place. If none of those options are feasible, we won't go see the space at all.
  3. Flying Monkey Space. Pics
    1. The Monkey was asking $1000/mo for a place that is basically a storage facility with no water. I'm also guessing no internet/power hookups.
    2. Makers gave them a list of improvements we would need and asked them to come down on the price to fit our means.
    3. The father who owns the place is a fan of us. The son who's more the numbers guy is trying to see if our budget and interests will fit into theirs.
  4. Next to A1 on South Memorial (A1 is way down south memorial, past Martin rd.)
    1. Talked to the owner named Hugh, 755-1452
    2. 4,700 sqft for "around what we're paying now."
    3. Can only have for 1 year, and have to do month-to-month after that
      1. Basically he can't get anyone to rent there until the south memorial overpass is completed
    4. No structural improvements
    5. Need to touch base on friday 1-16-09 to arrange a meeting the next day (Saturday)
  5. JimShoe found a place near the intersection of governors and triana. Jeff called them at 256-539-1985 and was told that a Mr. Perry Hudson would call him back.
    1. Guy said we could see it during normal working hours, or call him on saturday after 12:30 to see the location.
    2. it's next to American Insurance, which his son runs
      1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dglmWhVhE8
      2. http://huntsvillain.com/Images/2009/Feb09/
    3. Rent would be $650 a month for 2 year lease
    4. $700/mo for 1 year lease
      1. $500 security deposity and 1 month rent up front.
    5. has a kitchen
    6. ~1600 sqft
    7. Perry Hudson's number is 334-324-2130
    8. Perry said that if we put down a $500 non refundable deposit we could move in prior to occupying the place. This would keep us from renting two places at once.
    9. Perry is waiting to hear back from us, the place is ours if we want it.