By MOG and Tim

This Mind Flex project is a re-imagining of a similar design LINK  Where a Mind Flex EEG device has been modified to output and log brain functions via a serial connection to a laptop. The laptop is running on battery power alone as you should have no current plugged in while connected to an EEG.

This altered design has similar concepts though this version is a little different as there is no tether with an Arduino,  rather information is being transferred via a serial to Bluetooth adapter.  The Arduino was removed to reduce some of the bulk and increase battery life on the laptop. Serial to BT

The adapter is powered by the Mindflex power supply and also the serial line. when the Mindflex is turned on the Bluetooth is turned on simultaneously outputting information from the subject’s brain to the computer for logging.

Also a self designed software library was created for this project and runs in the background for logging data. lib

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