Saturday we had a Open House / Swap Meet at the shop.  I think everything went great.  We had about 30 people show up and hang out for a while.  Brian made a bunch of t-shirts and we ended up with a bunch of stuff.  I think we will be going through it all for a while to come.  Thank you everyone that came out, we hope to do this again.  Here are some pics I was able to take.

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We will be having an Open House at our location at 3409 Governor’s Drive. It’s next to the Animal Vet Clinic and Sharp Communication. We will be working on projects as well as having a electronic swap meet.

We will have tables set up in the back yard and cars in the parking lot trading all kind of electronics. If you bring CRT’s, we ask that you do not leave them behind. Inside we will be working on projects such as building a new photo-booth, multi touch computer screens, USB Authentication Door Access, and other fun projects.

Have an idea? Get involved and come build it with us. We’re always looking for new involvement at the Shop, and things to showcase to the community!


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Here are some pics of the USB Auth Door we have created at the shop.  It turns the deadbolt after authenticating from a USB drive.  Kind of cool, check out the wiki page. Here


We had a great weekend at the shop.  Friday was a Pirate Party, and Saturday was the open house. The open house went great, we had lots of great food, cool new people to hang out with, and projects were worked on.  Bob bought some crazy robots, Brian made T-Shirts, Matt worked on a crazy awesome iPod movie script, David grilled out, and new people showed up.  The open house was a great success and I can’t wait to do another one.

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