The past couple of days at the shop have been incredibly productive ones, which given the lull in the regulars showing up is saying something. We managed to settle on a standard base look to new project pages on our wiki and hopefully will get most of the older ones converted to it soon. The coolest part about this is that it’s all available at the click of a button. Nathan’s really been diving into mediawiki hacking. David was a huge help at this as well, he seems to have a knack for seeing things other people miss.

We’re making some steady progress on various multitouch fronts. Got my 19″ monitor taken apart and semi-ready to be turned into a more advanced version of the MTmini you can see below. We’re also still planning on making a large multitouch screen for multi-person use. Got an old rear projection TV coming today that we plan on getting great use out of.

Did some brainstorming on some other projects we’re looking to finish by October, that I’m not really at liberty to talk about just yet. October’s going to be a really great month for the group. Can’t wait for Phreaknic. With any luck we’ll most if not all of them done with time to spare.

We’re looking at doing an open house relatively soon just to see what like minded people come out of the woodwork. We’re trying to get some projects together to show off what we’ve done so far and maybe some we’re working on in the near future. We’ll also likely have some interactive things, namely in an attempt to keep people there for a bit so they can get a true feel for the shop and the environment it provides. We’re all about creativity and collaboration. Might even do a “rent party” sort of thing to drum up some funds for the shop.

So yeah, the shop’s coming along nicely, despite the sparse attendance as of late. It’s a good thing we have some really dedicated people involved with the shop, and we could always use more of those.