Public Night:

Every Tuesday night, 6pm to 10pm

Tuesday Night Feasts:

Most Tuesday nights, 6pm, donation appreciated

Pig Roast Flier

Makers Local 256 will be hosting a Pig Roast on Saturday, Feb 20th at 1PM.  Plates of pork will be $10 each, or $15 for two.  The pig itself will be slow roasted on a custom welded automatic rotisserie, over a member constructed fire pit.  Along side a pot of jambalaya, members will be bringing potlock and picnic noms.  During the Pig Roast there will also be a Silent Auction, and an Open House where members of the community are encouraged to come check out the make shop, see our past and current projects, and find out more about getting involved in the collaborative DIY community.  To volunteer for this event, or for more details, visit:  The Pig Roast Wiki Page

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