Who: You!
What: Nerd Rummage Sale v7.1
When: Oct 2nd, 2021
Where: 414 Stevens Ave
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Over the past year what have you squirrelled away? Nerdy toilet paper? Boba Fett action figures? Well you don’t need those things, but someone else does!

Come down to this year’s Nerd Rummage Sale and see what wonders there are to behold.

To apply for a booth at the nerd rummage sale, please click this link to the application form: https://forms.gle/z6Ax4e4CzYLDuRnH8

A good ice maker can run you over $100, and nothing is made to last anymore.  All too common makers buy home appliances only to discover that the manufacturer used a part that would wear out in under a decade.  These mini switches are $5 a bag on amazon, and if you have the time to kill, you can get just the amount you need from eBay, or harvest them out of an old printer.

This repair was done using the soldering station at Makers Local 256.

Makers Local is still mostly inaccessible to the public right now, but our newly elected board is cooking up a plan to host a socially distanced \ Covid safer public night.

When my mother was 10 years old, my grandfather purchased a rotating tree stand.  They don’t make them like this anymore.  It’s sturdy cast aluminum with a brush contact for powering the lights, and strong enough to rotate a real tree.  It ran for 56 years, but last year when I turned on the lights, it wouldn’t make a full rotation without throwing the house circuit breaker.  Pictured below is my Karosel Model R-100-B manufactured by the Kresky Manufacturing Company.

I opened it up and performed an inspection:

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