Public Night:

Every Tuesday night, 6pm to 10pm

Tuesday Night Feasts:

Most Tuesday nights, 6pm, donation appreciated

DIY Tech Expo & Pig Roast Success

Pig Roast 01

Thanks everyone who came to the Makers DIY Tech Expo & Pig Roast!  We made a ton of new friends and shared some great food.   We’re glad so many of you were interested in our projects and what we’re doing at the shop, and hopefully some of you will came back for more in the next few weeks.

Our public hours are any weekday after 6pm, and any Saturday after 1pm.  Come by and bring something to work on!

Pig Roast 02

Pig Roast 03

Thank you to everyone who cooked!

Thank you to everyone who shared their projects!

Thank you to everyone who came!

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