Thanks to everyone who came by the shop for our Tech Expo and Pig Roast. Projects were displayed, technologies were shared, and good food was had by all.

Thanks to everyone who shared their work, brought food, and helped make the event such a success!

Pig Roast March 5 2011

Makers Local is hosting a Tech Expo with accompanying Mardi Gras Pig Roast on Saturday, March 5th.  Members will be showing recent projects and demonstrating the technologies they use, as well as giving tours of the shop.  Some of the demonstrations include 3d printing, robotics, vacuum molding, rocketry, microcontrollers and more.  Mardi Gras treats will be delivered by the Makers new Candy Cannon!

The Tech Expo begins at 12, food will be served at the same time. Plates are $10, or two for $15.

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You er tahring me apaaaaht!

Immediately after its release in 2003 The Room was rightfully mocked and ridiculed as one of the worst movies since Plan 9 from Outer Space, and cult audiences have loved hating it ever since. In the spirit of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, fans have organized showings to share their love and tear the movie to shreds.  It’s never been so much fun to hate a movie.

From the Guardian- “A movie whose transcendent awfulness has made it a cult phenomenon.”

Members of Makers Local 256 are hosting a screening of The Room at Huntsville’s Flying Monkey Arts Center on Friday, December 3rd.  The movie starts at 9pm, tickets are $10 at the door of the Monkey’s second floor theater and concessions will be available.  There will be audience participation throughout the screening. Bring spoons!

If you’d like to learn more about the audience participation, the Onion’s AV Club has an excellent write-up.

Flying Monkey Arts Center
2211 Seminole Dr SW # 501
Huntsville, AL 35805-7805

Pig Roast 01

Thanks everyone who came to the Makers DIY Tech Expo & Pig Roast!  We made a ton of new friends and shared some great food.   We’re glad so many of you were interested in our projects and what we’re doing at the shop, and hopefully some of you will came back for more in the next few weeks.

Our public hours are any weekday after 6pm, and any Saturday after 1pm.  Come by and bring something to work on!

Pig Roast 02

Pig Roast 03

Thank you to everyone who cooked!

Thank you to everyone who shared their projects!

Thank you to everyone who came!

DIY Tech Expo Flyer
DIY Tech Expo Flyer

Great food and cool presentations all evening long at the shop, so come on by and say hi.