Featured Maker: Tyler Crumpton!

Tyler Crumpton has been a member of the shop for a number of years, and has been board chairman several times! He is an extremely active member, working on a variety of projects mainly involving the laser cutter and 3D printing. Click through to learn more about Tyler!

Maker Cred: I’d heard of Makerspaces and Hackerspaces over the years, but when I moved to Huntsville, I had finally found one in the wild. I listened to the Makers Local podcast where they talked about the fancy new laser cutter, and I just had to stop by!

Area of Expertise: I’m a huge fan and advocate of computer-controlled CNC tools and wireless sensors/controllers and could spend years talking about both subjects.

Current Project: Right now, I’m working on a set of bar-top arcade cabinets. They’re made from MDF, cut on the large CNC router table, and they assemble quickly and easily. My favorite part of the project has been designing in little features that help make putting the cabinet together easier and less error-prone, although measuring part sizes and accounting for tolerances has taken the largest chunk of my design time. I’ve always wanted to build an arcade cabinet from scratch, and the bar-top form-factor is a little cheaper and way more convenient to transport, so I’m glad that I’m finally able to make this desire become reality.

Fun Fact: I work on wireless microcontrollers and the Internet of Things at my day-job, doing work in all sorts of areas, including healthcare, solar power generation and monitoring, smart lighting, industrial manufacturing, and test automation.

Favorite Shop Event: I love Retro Gaming and Computing Night because I always enjoy watching people see old console machines that they never new existed, and I always find a cool new game I’ve never played before. Plus, I’m a huge arcade fan, so I love rolling out the four-player arcade cabinet and teaching people not to mess with me when it comes to Joust!

Talk to Him About: Ask me about the laser cutter or one of the CNC machines, or tell me about a neat IoT project you’ve been thinking of! I might be able help if you’re stuck or give suggestions on where to find the cheapest parts!

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