ML256 Newsletter Vol 1.4

Upcoming Events

Bikes and Brews: August 10, 7 pm

Come by the shop to learn some basic bicycle maintenance! This free event will get you set up for Saturday’s Bikes and Brews ride.

Monthly Member Meeting: August 17, 7:30 pm

This month’s member meeting will occur at 7:30pm sharp! The meetings are a great way to keep up with shop business, discuss upcoming events, and have your voice heard. Typical run time is 30-45min.

Melt Day 3: August 19, 11 am

Come and melt aluminium and pour it into shapes! We’ll have foam for carving and greensand for casting, so you just need an idea for something to carve. Theres plenty of cans to melt down, so don’t let that stop you. Also if you can’t make it in the morning (Hamfest shout out) we’ll be going into the evening too.

Shop Talk

STEAMWorks Open House

Saturday July 8, STEAMWorks had their first open house! This event featured members from ML256, who spoke about integrating their internet-enabled projects (IoT), as well as members from some other local organizations.

Pig Roast Updates

This year’s pig roast was a great success! A huge thank you to everybody who cleaned the shop, served food, made food, and overall volunteered their time and effort to make this event run smoothly!

Projects in Progress

Kinsey’s Luggable PC

Kinsey has been working on a portable computer that also is powerful enough to run video games! Here’s what he has to say:

I’ve always preferred to have plenty of space on top of and underneath my computer desk, so my last computer build worked toward that even though it was a bit bulky. Portability was also desirable for taking it to gaming events, but the bulk of my last system made that a challenge. This new build takes it a step further and is essentially a home brew All-in-One system with the open system frame doubling as a VESA mount that will fit anything up to a 34″ monitor. The system frame houses a mini-ITX motherboard, a small form factor power supply, and a full size graphics card along with a very hastily mounted closed loop liquid cooler for the CPU.

This project was partially inspired by this hackaday project:


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