As part of my continuing pugmill project, I decided to build a bigger smithing forge!

I started with a 50 gallon water heater tank that I shucked (Thanks Greg!)

the stuff in the back is insulation



I measured the tank based on the height of the rock-wool insulation, and then cut it down with a diamond saw blade.

tank cut to size



I then welded up a frame and legs from angle iron, it took 1 1/2 x 20′ bars. They run about $15 apiece from a local metal shop. I got lots of help with the brainstorming and design from Paul!

volunteer measuring the cylinder for the hinge



I used the plasma cutter to cut out circles for the door and rear part of the forge, and also a fire hole for the propane burner, then we welded up the hinges and inserted the rock-wool.



The rock-wool was secured to the door and tank with nichrome wire (another donation from Greg)

note the stitching around the door



I then welded a frame for supporting the propane burner on the side of the forge.

The side supporting frame



Then it was time to test it!

fire is fun



All in all this was a successful project.

(more pics here)

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