We start. Holy cow. Tim has a new board! We talk about HOPE and Retro Game night. We talk about many stories, and even tacos. We have some very random wiki finds and even 3D EVENTS.

As always, notes on the wiki.

From the first podcast in the AV Lab, we bring you news of our clean up and local hackings, tacos, arduino clones and Maker Faires. All this and much much more on another episode of Hackerspace Digest.

Show notes on the wiki.


Make some hot chocolate, grab a blanket and curl up by the fire with another episode of Hackerspace Digest. Brimstone, Jimshoe and Crashcart sit down to comment on the recent open house, Thingiverse, cons, books, lasers, geigers, apis and much more.

As usual notes are available on the wiki.

Recorded, (holy crap, today?) August 24, 2011. Hosts Jimshoe, Brimstone and Crashcart, back from their hiatus, record another Hackerspace Digest. Makers Local updates include the big move, wikis, and recent events. They discuss exploits by Hive 76, Noisebridge and CCCKC. Revspace’s new book club and upcoming events are also discussed

As always, the notes are on the wiki.