Six of us went to HOPE this year. What a time we had. Very little sleep, lots of socializing, and even some hacking. Nathan made me bring our Wifi Geiger Counter to work on and show off. This turned into more of a hacking project than a fixing project. This years conference badge features an MSP430 and a Nordic nRF24L01+ radio. They could communicate with each other and a tracking network. After realizing the badges could be aware of other badges I came up with a plan! Now the Geiger Counter detects other HOPE badges!


2009 was a year of amazing growth for the Makers Local 256. We doubled our membership to nearly 40 people, and more than tripled our space when we moved to a 2,400sqft building. There have been many successful projects and events throughout the year. We should all feel proud of ourselves. Let’s work hard to make Twenty-Ten a truly innovative year full of creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness!