I am happy to announce that we have completed reinforcing the floor in the “Art Area” of our loft. This marks the 4th and final section of the loft floor to be upgraded.

When we moved in to this space, the loft floor was a patchwork of saggy 1/2 inch plywood. Now the entire area is topped with 3/4 inch, tongue in grove, OSB. Now members can stomp around without fear of falling through holes.

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The floor in the loft at 414 Stevens has always been rather questionable, so over the years we’ve been improving it bit by bit. Thanks to our Tuesday Night Feast fundraisers, the facilities committee has spent funds to improve the “Textiles” and “A/V” areas in the loft.

While Punxsutawney Phil was staring at his shadow, our Phil helped Tim, Kinsey, Jake, and Tyler (also Lowell) put down new sub-floor and Tardis colored paint for the last 25′ of the loft. This, of course, displaced a lot of stuff, so all of the loft will be mostly unusable for the next week or two. Thanks again to all that helped worked and helped make this possible.


New member storage shelves.

Thanks to the last clean up day, and the facilities improvement fund, Makers Local 256 has added 12~15 member storage slots.

If you’d like a space, it’s first come, first serve. Just write your name or handle in on the blue tape, and put a plastic tote in your space.

Member Storage will still be at a premium, so if you aren’t really using it, or if you can split a space with someone else, you’d be helping out your fellow member(s).


Makers local 256 is embarking on an epic journey: to participate in the Power Racing Series. Teams from various hackerspaces across the US will be modding the heck out of children’s ride-on-electric-toys, to carry adult weight at unreasonable speeds!

Makers Local 256 has formed the “8-Bit Racers” team and will be racing car #256 “The Bit Bucket” against many other seasoned teams. Can we run a new high score on the PPPRS circuit, or are we doomed to spend every quarter of our allowances, only to be defeated by that really hard boss at the end of world 5?

Here are some shots of work that is getting underway: