A few months ago, Make-A-Wish Alabama reached out to Makers Local 256 for advice on putting together the perfect personal makerspace for local 16-year-old Joseph. Today, Makers Local members Chris, Hunter, Norm, Bradley, and Jeff had the pleasure of attending the unveiling of that very makerspace. The space packs quite a punch, with its Rigol oscilloscope, Printrbot New Simple Pro 3D printer, benchtop variable power supply, soldering station, and more. We hope Joseph stops by Makers Local to show off his creations!

P.S.: The ideas that went into our suggestions for creating Joseph’s makerspace are located on our wiki. Check it out at this link.

We (tylercrumpton and hfuller) are on the square downtown at the DayLIT event with the latest LightHSV project. Come see us!

The foam cube wirelessly commands a set of effects when it’s rotated. We used Synapse Wireless’ SNAP Modules, a MPU-6050, an Arduino UNO, and WS2812B LEDs for this project. Check out the code here.

ctag and I made an appearance at the Charger Union for the UAH MakersMake-a-thon event. We gave a brief talk/tutorial about Arduino basics to an audience of a couple dozen attendees, including both UAH students and non-UAH affiliates. We also discussed how to integrate Arduino and Raspberry Pi-based trinkets into larger projects, such as for robotics or automation – as well as just for fun. Here are some shots of the event, as well as our example trinkets and projects.