Our event last week, Make Ornament, was a huge success! For one thing, I only wasted one ornament learning to laser-engrave. But also, we had a great turnout! Thanks to everyone who visited and shared holiday cheer with us.

Here are some of the ornaments people made!

May 1st will be Makers Local 256’s Brews to Benefit night at Straight to Ale. In short, this means that every pint (16 oz) sold between 3pm and 10pm (7 hours) that day will earn the shop one US dollar ($1 USD).

But wait… there’s more! We’ll be having a geek-culture-themed trivia night in the Straight to Ale Speakeasy at 6pm! Grab some friends and show off how massive your stores of minutiae are about fun stuff like the Silmarillion and Clone Wars! Compete for prizes! Get a drink and enjoy yourself! (Or all of the above, if you’re a real go-getter!)

Every pint sold at Straight to Ale between 3pm and 10pm that afternoon will support Makers Local 256, so even if you can’t make the trivia game, you can still swing by and help out!

Check out the Facebook event here.

A few months ago, Make-A-Wish Alabama reached out to Makers Local 256 for advice on putting together the perfect personal makerspace for local 16-year-old Joseph. Today, Makers Local members Chris, Hunter, Norm, Bradley, and Jeff had the pleasure of attending the unveiling of that very makerspace. The space packs quite a punch, with its Rigol oscilloscope, Printrbot New Simple Pro 3D printer, benchtop variable power supply, soldering station, and more. We hope Joseph stops by Makers Local to show off his creations!

P.S.: The ideas that went into our suggestions for creating Joseph’s makerspace are located on our wiki. Check it out at this link.

We (tylercrumpton and hfuller) are on the square downtown at the DayLIT event with the latest LightHSV project. Come see us!

The foam cube wirelessly commands a set of effects when it’s rotated. We used Synapse Wireless’ SNAP Modules, a MPU-6050, an Arduino UNO, and WS2812B LEDs for this project. Check out the code here.