One of our new donations is a DeWalt Planer in great condition.  Wood planers are woodworking tools that can be used for producing boards of even thickness that are totally flat on either side.  As always, tools are available for members and non-members alike to use for learning on, their projects, and embracing that DIY spirit.



















Makers Local 256 also has more than one planer, great in case one is in use or in need of service.

Makers Local recently received a donation of wood working tools from a very generous donor.

Featured below is our new work bench.  With it being over 200 lbs. and having three built in clamping tools, the table is both steady and versatile.


Bless the Maker and his water!  

In conjunction with Cinemark and Bridge Street to kick off the premiere of Dune in theatres, members of Makers Local 256 will be marching a 45 ft long Sandworm on October 22, 2021 at the times of 6:15PM and 7:30PM.  

This huge project was built over the span of six months by Michele Cotten, her husband, Jeff, and several makers/friends of Makers Local 256.  The sandworm was designed and implemented by Michele at Jeff’s request.  As an avid cosplayer, Michele asked him, “Honey, I make a lot of cosplays.  Can I make one for you?”  Of course, he wanted a sandworm in the style of a Chinese Dragon!!  

The sandworm and its handlers, calling themselves the Huntsville Fremen, have marched at Dragon Con in Atlanta and in Huntsville at the 2019 Christmas parade.  They are eager to march for the Dune premiere at Bridge Street!

This exhibition is free to come watch!  Fun for all ages!


Come carve pumpkins with us at the make shop!

We will have a limited collection of carving tools and stencils, and we’ll provide tea lights for pictures afterwards.


Thursday Oct 28th from 6pm to 9pm.


Facebook Event Link


“Someone forgot to turn off the air conditioner last night.”

Members have heard this grumble since we moved into our third space (no pun intended).

Thanks to the actions of Aaron Rissler, we now have our 220V AC unit on a mechanical timer switch.

His implementation not only will save the shop money, but also help the environment by cooling the space when it isn’t in use.

This simple design is comprised of the following parts:

  • Outlet
  • Timer
  • Project Box
  • 240V 2 Pole Contactor
  • 240V Plug and Wire