If you’ve swung by the make shop in the past few years, you know our laser cutter is our pride and joy.  It’s likely the most utilized fabrication tool at the space.

A few years ago we did a fundraiser to buy this, and we’ve put plaques on its side letting every one know who our biggest contributors are, and how thankful we are to them.

Volunteers have put countless hours into keeping it running and teaching others how to use it.  All of the exhaust is vented safely outside using dryer ducting and squirrel cage fans. Those little guys run so fast in there keeping the turbines spinning…

In addition to cutting and etching flat surfaces, we also have a rotary tool for lasering on curved objects.

If you would like to learn how to use a laser cutter, give us a shout on our Slack channel, or come see us on a Tuesday night.  We’ll put you in contact with one of our volunteers, and maybe one day you’ll be the one teaching someone else.





Rotary Tool for the laser cutter pictured below.

In the last month Makers Local received a generous donation of high quality tools.  Amongst them was this Sliding Compound Miter Saw by Dewalt.

This beast comes on a sturdy portable stand so that it can be conveniently stored out of the way making more room for workspace.

This tool is ideal for making straight and angled cuts across wood, and also provides the capability for tilting the blade itself for making angled cuts into the wood.  It’s sliding feature allows you to cut across deeper pieces of material as well.

While Makers Local does have a membership model, tools like these are free for the public to use on our Tuesday Public Nights, or any day\time a member is present.  We’ll have you sign a safety form, and you’ll be ready to go.

We ask that users not get blood on the tools to keep them in tip top shape.

One of the great benefits that Makers Local brings to the community is the ability to use privately owned and shared tools.  We call these tools “perma loaned” meaning that their owners keep them on site, and anyone who would like to use them can contact their owner to receive guidance before using.

Tonight’s new addition is a hydraulic car jack.  It’s easy to use, requires minimal setup, and raises the vehicle evenly and higher than a standard car jack can.  This device uses the hydraulics to raise the car, and then a mechanical latch keeps the platforms safely in place, lifting up to 7000 lbs.

If you are interested in using this tool, reach out to us on our Slack.

One of our new donations is a DeWalt Planer in great condition.  Wood planers are woodworking tools that can be used for producing boards of even thickness that are totally flat on either side.  As always, tools are available for members and non-members alike to use for learning on, their projects, and embracing that DIY spirit.



















Makers Local 256 also has more than one planer, great in case one is in use or in need of service.

Makers Local recently received a donation of wood working tools from a very generous donor.

Featured below is our new work bench.  With it being over 200 lbs. and having three built in clamping tools, the table is both steady and versatile.