Kinsey has been shop secretary for several years – so many of you may know him from his emails! In addition, you may have seen him woodworking or observed one of his many custom home improvement projects taking shape. Click through to learn more about Kinsey!

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May 1st will be Makers Local 256’s Brews to Benefit night at Straight to Ale. In short, this means that every pint (16 oz) sold between 3pm and 10pm (7 hours) that day will earn the shop one US dollar ($1 USD).

But wait… there’s more! We’ll be having a geek-culture-themed trivia night in the Straight to Ale Speakeasy at 6pm! Grab some friends and show off how massive your stores of minutiae are about fun stuff like the Silmarillion and Clone Wars! Compete for prizes! Get a drink and enjoy yourself! (Or all of the above, if you’re a real go-getter!)

Every pint sold at Straight to Ale between 3pm and 10pm that afternoon will support Makers Local 256, so even if you can’t make the trivia game, you can still swing by and help out!

Check out the Facebook event here.

What you likely knew about the enthusiasts of makers local is that we drink a lot of soda.  What you may not have known is that we recycle every can of tasty beverage we slam down, but it’s not always taken to the local recycling center.  Some days are melt days.

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  Upcoming Events

NACC Sewing 101 Workshop: April 8

This sewing workshop, hosted by the North Alabama Cosplayer’s Club, will teach you how to make a children’s cloak with hood, which will be used by the Madison Children’s Theatre in their production of Harry Potter! There will be two workshops, from 9am-12pm and from 2pm-5pm. If you’re interested, check out the Facebook event page!

ML256 @ STA: May 1

Straight to Ale is hosting us on Monday May 1! This event is a great fundraiser and awareness-raiser; a portion of the proceeds from each pint sale will come back to us, and we will additionally be able to sell some small items. We are currently accepting suggestions for events (such as trivia night) or items to sell. Please send suggestions to the Publicity List (

Pig Roast: June 24

Pig roast is coming up quickly, with a prospective date of June 24. Last year we had a huge turnout, and it looks like this year will be no different! Volunteers are a huge part of what makes the Pig Roast possible, so if you’re able, check out the wiki page and sign up. Some examples of volunteer opportunities include selling tickets, babysitting the pig, and pre- and post-event cleanup. Additionally, anybody who can bring a side item or dessert is encouraged to 🙂Read More →

Jeff is probably one of our most well-known members. He has been involved since the very beginning, and has been involved with a wide variety of projects and events in his time with us. Click through to learn more about this illustrious member! If you’d like to nominate a member to be a featured maker, please email with your suggestion!

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