Good news everyone! Makers Local 256 gets MONEY, and then tries to figure out what to do with it. Strages joins us for a couple comments, and Alii isn’t smoking cigars, but is making cigar box guitars.
All this and more on this week’s Hackerspace Digest!

We start. Holy cow. Tim has a new board! We talk about HOPE and Retro Game night. We talk about many stories, and even tacos. We have some very random wiki finds and even 3D EVENTS.

As always, notes on the wiki.

This time on Hacker Space Digest Tim, Matt, Tuttle and Nathan learn they are not alone. There is another hackerspace in Alabama. Tim informs us that he knows about blowing things, and we talk about Pron. All this and more on this installment of Hackerspace Digest.

Show notes on the wiki.

Tonight on Hackerspace Digest Matt, Tim and Nathan talk about feet. You know because Freeside printed human feet. Also, they offer to send you packages and give you 3 whole random wiki finds. All this and more, on this fortnight’s Hackerspace Digest.

Show notes where you’d expect

This fortnight Mog learns that we have been lying about random wiki finds. Most of us can’t say annananimimity(sp?) and we try to explain some picture on NYC Resister’s website. All this and more coming up Hackerspace Digest.

Show notes on our wiki.