Come out to the Makerspace on Saturday, August 19 for another episode of Applying Entertainingly Excessive Heat to Metal Inducing a Phase Change for Fun and MOAR FUN. (or AEEHMIPCFMF for short!)

The party starts at 11am, and the pouring will probably start at noonish. If you can’t make it till later, that’s still cool, we’ll be melting stuff until we run out of cans (or get tired). We have soooooooo many cans…


This month’s featured maker is Tim Heath (crashcart)! Tim has been with us since almost the beginning, way back in 2008! Tim is super into RCGN, and most anything to do with vintage electronics. He is often found in the fab lab soldering, or tinkering with old computers in the workshop. Click through to read more about Tim!

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Upcoming Events

Monthly Member Meeting: June 22, 7:30 pm

This month’s member meeting will occur at 7:30pm sharp! The meetings are a great way to keep up with shop business, discuss upcoming events, and have your voice heard. Typical run time is 30-45min.

Pig Roast: June 24

Pig Roast is coming up fast, and prep work is starting to move into it’s final stages. You may have heard our radio ad, recorded by Jeff Cotten a few weeks ago, or seen one of our flyers around town! This is looking to be our largest pig roast yet, so come hungry! If you’d like to bring a side or dessert, check out the wiki page and sign up!

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Tyler Crumpton has been a member of the shop for a number of years, and has been board chairman several times! He is an extremely active member, working on a variety of projects mainly involving the laser cutter and 3D printing. Click through to learn more about Tyler!

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