Brimstone, Darkjedi, Strages, Crashcart are back again with episode 008. Recorded February 1st, 2011. Crashcart talks about the Evalbot and it’s contest. Crashcart attempts to describe the carnage of our first cupcake for the Global Hackerspace Challenge. Brimstone raves access control in a number of spaces. Brimstone also talks about Noisebridge’s Drama and Strages explains inventory systems across spaces. Strages introduces the Huntsville Open Manufacturing Meetup. Show notes are on our wiki.

Brimstone, Cherry, Crashcart, Alii, GTPyro, Jimshoe and just Tuttle bring you episode 007. Recorded January 22nd, 2011. Brimstone talks about snow, 27c3, Berlin Sides, and recording with Signal. Alii and Jimshoe talk about our cupcake and Santa Barbara’s cupcake. There’s Minecraft affecting the real world, explosioning gloves, iPhone GPIO, the largest Arduino shield and more in this episode. Show notes are on our wiki. Explosions curiosity of

Jimshoe, Cherry, Alii, Kix and Crashcart wrap up 2010. Recorded December 29th, 2010. They cover a variety of projects and events from photobooths to balloons in space to improvements around the shop. They discuss visits our members made to other places as well as other hackerspace members visiting us. They talk about 8-bit gaming, eating pig and more. More detailed notes are available on our wiki.

Episode number five of our Hackerspace Digest podcast coming at ya!
Take a look at our wiki page for more info about what was discussed.

At last, the next episode of Hackerspace Digest!

Not the right image for this show, but close enough

I want to tell you all how sorry I am that this episode took nearly a month to edit and post here. I want to tell you how we used new recording techniques and recorded our longest pod cast yet, with more hosts than than any previous or forthcoming show. How challenging it was to sculpt and polish this episode to a brilliant shine worthy of the wait…

…but really, Life just kept getting in the way. (happy holidays btw)
so, Without further ado, and with hope for a more disciplined and streamlined process (and assistant Editors) here is Episode 4!