This time on Hackerspace Digest Matt, Tim and Nathan talk about their New Years Party, LVL1 giving away makerships, and welcome The Mill to the hackerspace universe. They also talk about Matt’s Space API Android App, Noisebridge’s Tor Node and more. It’s an hour of fun with your favorite hackerspace podcast!

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This fortnight Mog, Matt, Tim and I talk about our new Laser cutter, soda machines bleeding, and Makers Local being in the news. We then talked about libraries opening hacker spaces, HackerBus and TX/RX needing help with their move. I hope you all enjoy the show!
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On this week’s hackerspace digest Jimshoe, Crashcartpro, Tuttle, Brimstone and Mog discuss different rfid based access solutions, beambots, shapeways, and even noisebridge’s enjoyable quotes page.  Show notes available on the wiki.  Please leave comments below or at

Make some hot chocolate, grab a blanket and curl up by the fire with another episode of Hackerspace Digest. Brimstone, Jimshoe and Crashcart sit down to comment on the recent open house, Thingiverse, cons, books, lasers, geigers, apis and much more.

As usual notes are available on the wiki.

This episode of Hackerspace Digest comes to you from a hotel room in Nashville! A bunch of us from Makers Local 256 attend the annual conference Phreaknic. JimShoe, Brimstone, Tuttle, Enabrintain, and myself attempt to stream live, and give some highlights of the event: hardware key-loggers, unsolved crypto puzzles, and bacon!

We cover technological advances in hackerspaces such as: a Lucky Charms sifter, bathroom window displays, lawyers as art, and pen-plotters made of hopes, dreams, and epoxy.

We may come off a little disorganized this episode, some of us MAY have had a drink or two…

As usual, the notes are on the wiki.