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So you want to host an event, huh?

How to do it

1. Make a wiki page about your event. You NEED to do this so that your event appears on the ML256 event calendar. If you do any single thing, do this one.

a. Go here and copy the entire contents of the edit box to your clipboard.
b. Type the name of your event into the Search field on the left side of the Wiki and press enter.
c. An option will appear to "Create the page 'whatever' on this wiki!" Click on the name of your page to create it.
d. Paste your clipboard into the edit box, and change all the stuff to match your event.
e. Click "Save page."

2. Make a Facebook event for your event. (This step is optional, but recommended.)

a. Go here and click the Create Event button.
  • If you don't have a Create Event button on that page, find someone who does.
  • If you can't find anyone who does, email so one of the admins can help you.
b. Fill in stuff. Make the event. Know what I'm talking about?
c. If you need an image, try asking for help.

3. Make a Makers Local blog post about your event. (This step is optional, but recommended.)

a. Go here.
b. Write stuff. Attach images. You know, stuff like that.
c. Click "Preview" and see whatcha got.
d. Click "Publish" to make it public.

4. Use the list below to advertise to other places, if you want.

Suggestions on where to advertise

  • general-announce Email List
  • Geek Out Huntsville (Facebook Group)
  • WLRH \ NPR Service Announcement - Email and Brett will set up an appointment to do a PSA
  • Our Valley Events Calendar
  • White Board @ Shop
  • These places Don't Accept Fliers
    • Kroger
    • ABC
  • Fliers
    • Bandito
    • Trailhead Bike Shop (Stand Alone Building @ Lowe Mill)
    • The Deep Game Store (On Memorial Parkway)
    • End Zone
    • Furniture Factory (5 Points)
    • Michaels (Airport Rd Break Room)
    • UAH
    • Olde Towne Coffee
    • Angel’s Island Coffee
    • Straight to Ale (Leaman Ferry & Campus 805)
    • Salty Nut
    • Liquor Express (5 Points)
    • Lone Goose Salloon (Campus 805)
    • Lowe Mill (Outside community board)
    • Lumberyard (5 Points)
    • Piper and Leaf (Lowe Mill)
    • Plamour Lanes (Memorial pkwy)
    • Black Bear
    • Old Town Coffee
    • Bullfeathers
    • Humphry’s
    • Blue Pants Brewery
    • Rocket Republic
    • Wish You Were Beer (Campus 805)
    • Madison Ballroom
    • Madison Children Theater
    • Home Depot
    • Lowe's
    • Warhammer game store (Airport)
    • Bike Shop
    • Rooster's Coffee