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About Me

I'm a founding member of Makers Local 256 and one of the people that got the idea jump-started along with David back before we had a physical space to work in and were meeting in apartments. This is the one thing I'm most proud of in my life to this date, absolutely no regrets. I come up with a lot of ideas, as evident by my Projects and Notes sections. I'm a big fan of the term "ideasmith". May never get around to working on most of these, but at least they're documented somewhere. If you see a project you like or can contribute to, have at it.

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IRC: strages
AIM: strages
Yahoo: stragesv3
Gtalk: strages


Project Name Description Status
Section42/The Hive Section42 classified
Section42/Peeple Section42 classified
Section42/Zombiebot Section42 classified
Backpack Payphone battery powered voip payphone that can be worn like a backpack status Planning
Victorian Cellphones belt clipped candlestick phone using voip Planning
WiFi Tag think laser tag but with directional 802.11a/b/g/n Planning
Section42/Bring Popcorn Section42 classified
Section42/GRLA FM Section42 classified
Make Shop a convenient place to make things Planning third Open House!
pipe a product to simplify a complex time Pipe dream, no pun intended :)
PDA magic window like Magic Screen Researching
Tablet sandbox e-zen-garden Pipe dream
Photobooth Mark I portable photobooth Retired please see Photobooth Mark II for further work.
Photobooth Mark II imporoved portable photobooth Planning
Multitouch screen making computing really hands on Built, working on the software from here on out.
guerilla filesystem seemingly limitless storage out of the ether Planning
Lamo's Way or How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love the System homeless living with a tech twist Researching
Garden Party What happens when you take a garden and toss in a little Croquet Pipe dream
HASAcon local hacker convention Planning
Flavor tabs mouth strips in more than just mint and cinnamon Pipe dream
A Day in the Life would go hand in hand with Project Gargoyle Planning
RSS Gateway A "DVR" for the Internet Researching
Human Exploits Database how not to be predictable Researching
Mood Music empathic music Researching
Scavenger Hunts does this really need an explanation? Planning
Transparent Wall never wonder what's going on in the other room ever again Researching
L.A.S.E.R. Tag thank you Graffiti Research Lab Planning
SOW Signatures Observed Working, a snort signature testing method Researching
OpenID be in control of your ID Researching
MooFi empowering cattle everywhere Pipe dream
Overnet a proposal Researching
Urban ghosts when hearing voices is ok Researching
Uncleverly named video broadcasting project I'll fix this later... Researching
OpenWRT(or equivalent) modular usage making single use linux devices a lot more flexable Working, now for package development.
Virtual projector a functioning projector for virtual worlds Researching
Wikis, evolving a video demonstrating a wiki page evolving over time Researching
Road Race an annual road race of unknown origin and unknown destination Researching
WiFi filching power from nothing....sorta Researching
Where's the party at? a public art/prank project Researching
Section42/Weighted Companion Cubes Section42 Classified
Macro origami >48inch tall pieces of origami Planning
Ball pit shuttup, it's still fun Planning
Bawls Bottle Challenge 1. blue bottle 2. ? 3. profit Planning
Port Royal 2x Loot Researching
Life Consolidation a personal project for making my life simpler Planning
Microscale Weather a little mad scientisty fun Researching
Electrodermal energy harvesting harvesting electricity from people researching
Section42/Strages's Lab Journal an account of my near daily visits to the shop perpetually in progress
Hackerspaces Migratory Box of Electronics Junk nomadic box of electronics junk traveling between hackerspaces in progress
PDAs cataloging olds PDAs and what to do with them Cataloging
Head Mounted Displays researching uses/manufacturing of HMDs Researching
Embedded Devices researching uses for various devices with various embedded operating systems Researching
RFID researching uses for various RFID equipment available Researching
Video research researching uses for video recording/editing Research
Night vision webcam improved security camera system with less restrictions Gathering supplies
DIY Dyson fan reverse engineering the Dyson fan Researching
Reprap Mendel project page for the reprap build Assembly
BPM Personal Modeler 2100 a page for keeping up with the restoration and operation of this ground breaking 3D printer Repurposing 3 axis table
TEDxHuntsville ideas for being a part of TEDxHuntsville Researching live streaming your haunted house experiences with people all over the world Planning
Tech expo A technology expo demonstrating what Makers Local 256 can do completed
Global Synchronus Hackathon A global synchronous hackathon held across the world at multiple hackerspaces monthly planning
Hackerspaces Meetup hackerspaces getting together to collaborate and invent planning
Retro Gaming & Computing Night a night of nostalgia with nothing newer than 16 bit Planning
2D barcodes research into the capabilities and usages of 2D barcodes Researching
Hackerspace whiteboards Flickr group showcasing hackerspace whiteboards. Working
Augmented reality a research page researching
Multitouch a research page containing methods, hardware, and software. Researching
Cameras an inventory page of cameras at the shop. Researching
Destructables an Instructables like site for taking things apart with the added bonus of indexed parts! Planning
Lego box an 8'x4' playfield for Legos that folds shut containing the Legos inside. Researching
Toy Gun Cabinet a cabinet for housing all our awesome toy guns Researching
Competitive Cable Detangling self explanatory Planning
3D printing the different methods of 3D printing Research
BEAM pitcher plant BEAM robot in the style of a pitcher plant Researching
Inspiration map an attempt to figure out where some projects comes from work in progress
Huntsville Open Manufacturing meetup a monthly meeting of folks interested and working with open manufacturing active
Bucket List Festival a weekend with a higher probability of knocking a good chunk out of your bucket list Planning
Emergent Network Field Day building up a tiny "internet" for disaster stricken areas Planning
Exocortex (strages) attempting to map my information IO Development
In the News a page showing the online mentions the group gets work in progress
LibRel a library relevancy project researching
Snow machine a snow making machine awaiting testing
Penny tray site take a penny, leave a penny thinking it over
Emergent Mesh self sustaining wifi mesh building-out nodes
Multiseat gaming box multiplayer single pc gaming planning
Universal laser tag one system to rule them all thinking
Treadle computer a user powered computer gathering materials
VR rig a virtual reality rig because we've waited long enough working on it
Timeline creating appreciation for where we are planning
Laboratory my plans for creating a field laboratory Researching

Project Name Description Status
Outerz0ne 3 talk first public talk Done
November 2600 '07 talk Better Living Through Chemicals Done, presentation to be uploaded later
Outerz0ne 4 talk energy harvesting Planning
February '08 2600 talk Fun with Google Delayed
Fun with Flickr  ? Done


This will be a place where I store all the random notes I take while researching things and brainstorming. Feel free to use these notes to inspire your own projects. I recommend everyone else doing this as well.