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  • Please don't forget to leave a short message in the "Summary:" field, below the main edit box, before clicking "Save page".
    • This is so we know what the edit is and why it was made. These messages show up in the "Recent changes" page so other users can see them.
  • User:<your username> is the place where projects and personal information goes.
  • When you create a new project please add "[[Category:''some category name'']]" to the bottom of the page.
    • Please review Special:Categories for a list of existing Category names.
    • Yes, you may add more than one Category to any given project. Just add additional "[[Category:''some category name'']]" listings.
    • You may create a new Category, but you must add an Overview section at the top of the new Category's page.
      • This is required because otherwise the new Category won't show up on the Main Page.
        • See existing Category pages for an idea of what they should look like.
      • Making a new Category is as easy as typing "[[Category:''some new category name'']]" at the bottom of the page you're adding to said Category.
  • Make Shop Release Form