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General Guidelines

  • Please don't forget to leave a short message in the "Summary:" field, below the main edit box, before clicking "Save page".
    • This is so we know what the edit is and why it was made. These messages show up in the "Recent changes" page so other users can see them.
  • User:<your username> is the place where projects and personal information goes.
  • When you create a new project please add "[[Category:''some category name'']]" to the bottom of the page.
    • Please review Special:Categories for a list of existing Category names.
    • Yes, you may add more than one Category to any given project. Just add additional "[[Category:''some category name'']]" listings.
    • You may create a new Category, but you must add an Overview section at the top of the new Category's page.
      • This is required because otherwise the new Category won't show up on the Main Page.
        • See existing Category pages for an idea of what they should look like.
      • Making a new Category is as easy as typing "[[Category:''some new category name'']]" at the bottom of the page you're adding to said Category.
  • Make Shop Release Form

Wiki How-To Guides

Here are some quick guides to getting started with MediaWiki and its quirks.

  1. How to Use This Guide
  2. How to Create a New Page
  3. How to Upload Images or Files to Attach
  4. How to Create a Wiki Table
  5. Extra Credit: Creating Your User Page

How to Use This Guide

Read the instructions and look at the screenshots. Magic.

How to Create a New Page

It seems that you want to create a new page to house some information!

First, let's go to the homepage:

There's no obvious link to "Create a Page" -- isn't that weird?

Instead, we're going to search for the name of the page that we want to create.
When you type, some results will pop-up automatically, it's okay to ignore them for now. Click on the term you typed in the dropdown.
When you click, you'll be presented with a search results page. You'll see a link at the top of the results that says "Create the page "your search term" on this wiki!" Click that.
Voila, now you have the opportunity to create your page. Note that you can't change the page name from here. If you're familiar with Wikis, this might be all the instruction you need. If you want to learn some things about attaching images or files, keep going with this guide.

Otherwise, type your content all over that big blue blob monster. And don't forget the change Summary!

How to Upload Images or Files to Attach

Okay, we're back at the Wiki homepage. It seems you want to include some images in your page. Perhaps you clicked the Photo icon in the wiki editor and were annoyed to find that you can't upload your image there. Click this link on the homepage.
You'll land on this lovely file upload screen. Magical. Five key points here:
  • 1- link to a list of uploaded files
  • 2- this is the text markup to include an image or file in a page
  • 3- file select dialog
  • 4- file name
  • 5- change summary (!)
(!) Everything you upload or change on the wiki will appear on the homepage in this change log. Try to add a human-readable, informative change summary whenever you do a thing. (!)
Remember that photo icon I was complaining about? Once you've uploaded your image, you'll have a filename to enter into that dialog box. Magical.

How to Create a Wiki Table

There's tutorials online if you want to learn how to create a wiki table from scratch, but the media wiki markup for tables is just not user friendly. Instead you can use sites like these to quickly generate wiki markup for a table.

Extra Credit: Creating Your User Page

If you are logged into the Wiki, your username is a link to your user page. You can click the link to hop over and edit in some cool content about your cool self.