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Real name



brimstone deAtSign


Freenode Nick


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Google Talk username


Project Name Status
faster bump generator for Bring Popcorn First rev of script done
topic diff for ackis Completed
netgear wgt634us Builds successful, currently configuring
Unified System Eurdition Report (USER) Basic p2p perl script is passing messages unreliably
Wifi Foxhunt - Woof! Planning
IRC RPG for ackis Planning
Media Library for storing info about your warez Planning
guerilla filesystem seemingly limitless storage out of the ether Planning
possible talks I'd like to see or give Planning
kraken live cd, of sorts Development started Feb 27, 2009 when I got the bright idea to just try to boot a bootstrapped directory.
brimcode encoding scripts for wgt634us early development
ackis 2.0 New version of popular IRC bot Mid Development
Filesystems Everything I know about filesystems Research
Darknets Everything I know about darknets Research
Gateway Box for make shop Gateway
TwitNotes A simple idea, go way too far Early Development
UnifiedMessaging A combination of chat/email/rss/web browsing Early Planning
OnlineCollaberation A website built for the sharing of documents and planning Early Planning
NetworkBookmarks A website with a few tricks for easy to use bookmarks across any machine on your network Planning
VideoBox A wall mounted laptop able to play various media files from various sources Complete
SaaSy Xen Garden Live/Installable Virtual Machine Host Researching
Programmable Keyboard There's an AVR INSIDE the keyboard! In progress
Wireless Weather Sensors Low cost weather sensor In progress

Idea Farm

  • Rsyncds running over private tor for social backups

Status ranking

Each project has a status:

  • Researching
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Complete
  • Maintenance

Each stage has the sub stages:

  • Early
  • Mid
  • Late

Often the early of one stage will collide with the late of the previous. This is specified with the early stage.

Project page template

Each project page follows my template of:

=any other sub points need=


  • setup pbx vm
  • investigate semantic mediawiki for calendar
  • investigate semantic mediawiki for projects
  • setup hybrid aps
  • correctly firewall vlans