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About Me

I am a graduate of Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama and have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. My interests include building and modifying electronics, photography, creating music, and writing software. I have knowledge in Java, C/C++, Python, HTML/PHP, VHDL, and a little bit in other languages and technologies.


My contributions to the wiki.
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@tylercrumpton on Twitter

Current Priority List

  1. Make sure LightHSV project still works
  2. Design and build LightHSV Round 2
  3. Build circuit for controlling vending machine
  4. Cut new bartop arcade cabinet and assemble old one
  5. Design software for electronics vending machine


Project Name Description Status
C.A.E.S.A.R. BOT‎ A small, autonomous robot that is capable of pushing a competing robot out of a sumo ring. Testing and tweaking (paused)
Ambilight Clone A modular ambient light system for a desktop computer. Early Implementation (paused)
Mars Rover Simulator and Augmented Model A contained, controllable system that allows a user to pilot a tiny rover robot in a small Mars-like environment. Brainstorming (paused)
B.R.U.T.U.S. BOT A personal, teleoperable surveillance and maintenance robot for your home! Early software development (paused)
A.N.T.O.N.Y. Autonomous Boat A small, autonomous, solar-powered, trackable boat to send out in the ocean. Brainstorming (paused)
Cash-Caching Automaton Machine that can dispense quarters for the vending machine, funded via PayPal or Bitcoin. Version v0.1 complete
3D Scanning Day An event to create 3D models of anyone who wants one, using a Microsoft Kinect and ReconstructMe. Concluded
BitcoinTip Bot An IRC bot that facilitates Bitcoin transactions and "tips" between users. Early Implementation
SeeMeCNC H-1 3D Printer A low-cost, high-quality extrusion-based 3D printer. Initial testing and calibration
LED Water Wall A "water-graffiti exhibit" project for Huntsville's Downtown 47. Designing version v1.0
LONGOLIAN Tele-Op Robot A small tele-operable land vehicle designed to be controlled via cellular communication. Brainstorming
Slim Arcade Cabinet A cheap, thin, and lightweight arcade machine cabinet built from a donated kiosk. Implementing v0.1
Slim Aluminum Wallet A "minimalist", slim wallet cut from aluminum on the CNC router. Tweaking and testing initial design