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  • bachelors in EE
  • programming (my hobby, D, C++, C, perl, etc.)
  • 4 years of FIRST robotics in HS (and helping out here and there otherwise)
  • hardware debugging (generally atmel based, soldering)
  • driver debugging (PCI or PCI-E device drivers)
  • minor work with GCC internals
  • weapons effects simulation/modeling


My projects....many and varied (and many scrapped or cancelled)

Project Name Description Status
Binary Clock What it sounds like, blue LEDs Planning
Wifi Antennas Highly directional helical antennas Implemented, Scrapped
Custom Ceiling Fan ceiling fan made of industrial 12cm case fans Implemented, Scrapped
Asterisk DSP needs heavy improvement, should be little work Cancelled
Helicone Antenna exploring its properties, may build one later Initial research complete
Serial IP Control Set and view the ip address of a server w/o a monitor Planning
Recipe Wizard takes ingredient list and gives a list of stuff to cook Planning
Homemade Laser fun with laser diodes Cancelled
Reactive Firewall firewall that bites back Research
Electrodye Coatings change the color of something at will Research (time and resource limited)
LED Lighting the xxxmas lights need to be replaced with something better Initial Prototype Complete and Operational
The Tranquilizer a potato gun with hockey pucks Research Phase
KXML An XML parser in D Late Implementation
libxmpd An XMPP client library in D Mid Implementation
libackis An Ackis2.0 component interface in D Late Implementation
LED Tiles Can you say LED mood wall? Research
Cordova A four prop helicopter type vehicle Prototype Implementation
Protocom An electrically driven land vehicle Research
Air Filter A design for a portable air filter Implemented
Shop Table A design for all shop tables Implemented
ProtocolBuffer D code for Google's binary serialization format Mid Implementation
Libdjson A JSON parser in D Late Implementation
Filtwit A twitter filter/forwarder client in D Late Implementation
LuftWaffle An automated waffle maker Early Implementation

Contact Info

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